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Indoor hydroponic towers and grow services that help you live a healthier, more independant life.

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Benefits of Hydroponics

Be Healthier

Have access to fresh, pesticide-free produce, reducing your exposure to harmful chemicals often found in conventionally grown crops

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More Convenience

By eliminating the need to travel to the grocery store frequently, families can save valuable time and money that can be spent on family.

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Gain Independence

With the rising prices of food, as well as economic uncetainty, you can always be self sufficient.

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Save Money, Time and The Environment

Eliminiating your trips to the grocery store, not only are you saving your time and money, but you are reducing your carbon footprint too.

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Organic and Natural Food

You can enjoy pesticide free food. Eating natural, chemical free food can drastically improve your health.

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Learn by Growing

Having a hydroponic garden at home offers an engaging learning experience for children, teaching them about plant growth, biology, and sustainability.

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iDruid Tower

Easy to Assemble

Assembles in less than 30 minutes, and is easy to clean and take apart

Smart and clean

Filters dirt from your water, monitors your plants, extracts nutrients and more!

Variety of plants

Grow plants in dirt, paper or just in the cup


Plants and More Coming


Crops per Tower






Helps and Monitors

What Can the iDruid Tower Do?

Water filter

Growth Monitoring

Automatic water control

Modular design

Smart App

24/7 Chat and Phone Support

Grow anything, anywhere

Hydroponics allows for year-round cultivation, eliminating the constraints of seasonal changes. This means you can have fresh produce and herbs at your fingertips regardless of the weather or climate, enhancing your self-sufficiency and reducing dependence on external food sources.

Reduce your trips to the grocery store

Hydroponics at home reduces the need for frequent trips to the grocery store by providing a consistent source of fresh produce. iDruid Tower enables year-round cultivation, grow your own vegetables, herbs, and even fruits on a regular basis. As a result, you can significantly cut down on trips to the grocery store, saving time and reducing the need to purchase certain perishable items.

Be Self sufficient

Less reliance on store-bought produce gives you more independance. It's a resilient and adaptable way to sustain yourself, even in challenging conditions or limited space.

Easy Upkeep

Home hydroponic systems are relatively easy to maintain in terms of cleanliness. There's no need to deal with dirty pots or weeding. Even using soil planting meduims in hydroponics, the amount if soil is a lot less than traditional pots.

Simple Planting

Planting in hydroponic systems is straightforward. You start with seeds or seedlings and place them in the growing medium. There's no digging, tilling, or dealing with outdoor soil conditions

Effortless Harvesting

Harvesting crops in hydroponic systems is hassle-free. When the plants reach maturity, you can simply snip or pick them, and they're ready to eat. Depending on the plant, you just leave it and it will grow back in a few days, no need to replant.

We provide you a 24/7 chat or phone service to help you with any growing help.

Chat or Phone

Contact us by Chat or by phone, and we will answer you as soon as possible. We schedule a video call at your conveninence and can Help with any questions you have about your crops and iDruid system.

Personalized Growth Plans

Our service offers tailored advice and growth plans to help users optimize their hydroponic gardens. Our experts take into account factors like plant varieties, growth stages, local climate conditions, and available equipment to provide customized recommendations. This personalized approach leads to increased yields, reduced resource wastage, and improved overall garden success for our customers.

Druid Care


24/7 Service

Chat or call us anytime and an expert will answer.


Hydroponic Experts

Our team of Druids is ready to help you with all your questions about plants growing in your iDruid Tower system.


Replacement Parts

If your iDruid system breaks, we will send you a replacement piece right away.


Surprise Gifts

With our premium plans, you will receive gifts right to your home.


New Plants

Being on our service plan, you will get access to new plants before they are widely available.


Peace of Mind

Always know thay your home will always have fresh crops year round.


iDruid Tower mini

  • 15 Plants
  • Quiet and small
  • 3 months Druid Care subscription
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iDruid Tower

  • 30 Plants
  • Fits in most kitchens and homes
  • 3 months Druid Care subscription
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iDruid Tower PRO

  • 30 Plants
  • AI Growth tracking
  • 6 months Druid Care subscription
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Frequently Asked Questions

All the plants we confirm grow well are on this page HERE. But you should experiment with any crop you like, you never know!

The iDruid Tower is a self contained system unless you want to empty the tank which can be easily connected to a hose. Water does not drip out of it and if humidity becomes an issue, an enclosure is coming soon!

Depending on the plant, some plants do grow faster than in the ground. The best part about iDruid Tower is that you can grow plans using ground, songes, or just water!

Our system adds the nutrients by itself by measuring the composition of the water. The only thing you need to do from time to time is fill up the reservoir when it get's empty, you'll get a notification.

Yes, you can grow hydroponically in spaces with limited natural light, but you will need to supplement with artificial lighting to ensure plants receive adequate light for photosynthesis. And add-on rotating light is coming soon.

Hydroponics conserves water, provides faster growth, allows for year-round cultivation, and can be space-saving. It also eliminates issues associated with soil-borne pests and diseases.